Natura wine tourism

My name is Marta Bernad, and I have always been passionate about the world of wine. So, I graduated as an agricultural engineer and, later, I finished my training with a master's degree in oenology. I spent 5 years learning many of the things I know in wineries in La Rioja and New Zealand.

I always focused on the world of wine tastings, giving technical presentations describing the product in a way that, although understandable to me, for many of the people I was with it was not, and it was difficult for them to understand and comprehend.

It was during a Masterclass given by a renowned sommelier when I realised that my true vocation was to convey and make people feel all the magic that surrounds the world of wine. I wanted to be able to teach everything I have learnt over the years and be able to experience how the people I teach begin to differentiate textures, colours, flavours... thus bringing them closer to the fascinating world of oenology. Few things are as satisfying for me as seeing the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done on the faces of my clients.

I have been working on and developing different tasting activities for groups of different levels for some time now. I try to understand the level of the participants beforehand in order to tailor the message and convey it in the simplest way possible. I carry out tastings in all kinds of spaces prepared for this purpose, making them fun and dynamic experiences where the involvement of all members is the most important part.

Some time ago, I created my brand, Luciérnaga Wine Experience, dedicated to giving tastings so that everyone is able to learn to appreciate and recognise different wines. To date, I have a multitude of tastings and different events under my belt.

If you want, you can visit me at @luciernaga_wine_experience and see how we organise them.

Sincerely yours,