Accessible Natura Resorts

Enjoy the limitless Natura Resorts experience!

Natura Resorts is a brand of places for healthy and accessible leisure for everyone, without limits. Families, couples, and groups of any age can enjoy our facilities and activities.

This is a distinctive value that sets us apart from other destinations and accommodations.

We offer solutions that allow everyone to enjoy tourist and leisure facilities in equal measure. This ambitious project began with the opening of Natura Resort La Rioja.

Accessibility has become one of the great challenges of tourism worldwide. So, our aim is to break new ground in this field to become an essential destination.

We are pioneers in offering facilities that offer equal opportunities for all types of people to enjoy themselves, especially those who may have problems adapting to their environment. We do all this while maintaining comfort, exclusivity, and the pleasure of enjoying holidays in incredible landscapes.

Natura Resorts creates entirely accessible spaces designed to be fully inclusive right from its very beginning. This planned accessibility does not place any limitations on design and creativity, as all elements related to accessibility are blended into the environment. It also provides added value by facilitating the quality of life, freedom, and autonomy of all people.

Our aim is to be the ideal destination for accessible tourism, inclusive tourism, family tourism, tourism for the elderly, rural tourism, and culinary and cultural tourism.

The project

Our aim is to be a brand capable of promoting projects that respond to the current demand for accessible tourist places all over Europe. We do not achieve this by setting aside a percentage of our facilities for this purpose, but rather by creating spaces that are fully accessible. In addition to accessibility, family tourism and healthy lifestyles are also our hallmarks. As such, our establishments promote healthy and inclusive environments that are ideal for families to enjoy.

But Natura Resorts is not only a holiday accommodation. Our project aims to support the environment in which it is established through agreements with local companies and job creation, including job placement for groups at risk of exclusion.

In addition, our spaces are sustainable and energy efficient, which involves a minimum invasion of the environment in which they are located.

And all of this makes perfect sense when promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles through initiatives such as our own organic vegetable gardens and vocational training for groups with difficulties in finding employment.

Agreements and alliances

Society is made up of several groups that make it diverse and rich. At Natura Resorts, we want to have agreements with associations, foundations, and entities that help us add value and improve ourselves.

The project is currently supported and supervised by PREDIF and Ilunion Tecnología y Accesibilidad, and all its facilities have the quality seal and guarantee of the Eurocasa Group. Other companies and entities that promote accessibility in the tourism sector will join the list. The agreement signed with PREDIF goes beyond joint actions in the field of tourism, as training and cultural projects will also be launched, which will enrich what Natura Resort La Rioja has to offer at all times of the year.

Accessible tourism

“Inclusive tourism only exists when accessibility has been incorporated into the entire tourism value chain”.

Natura Resort builds fully accessible and inclusive resorts. It is not only suited for people with mobility or vision problems, but also for all those families who wish to fully enjoy their leisure time without any difficulty and with the greatest comfort. We want our guests to fully enjoy the whole travel experience, from the planning stage to the end of the activity. We want to make complete leisure experiences available to everyone, without barriers and in large spaces.

The Natura Resort experience is defined by:

  • Being a unique project. The holiday resort in La Rioja is the most accessible in Spain and the first fully accessible rural holiday resort in Europe.
  • Offering accessibility to everyone. We offer tourist products and services that can be used totally independently.
  • Promoting inclusion and non-discrimination. Each of the services, activities, and leisure packs is suitable for all types of users.
  • Eliminating stereotypes about people with disabilities. Tourism is an activity associated with everyday life and is a factor of social integration. Our aim is to make it inclusive so that it is accessible to everyone.